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The interactive map below tracks everything we do when we cycle from Amsterdam to Copenhagen. Click on the photo’s and video’s to read our adventures and see what we experience.  (We thank Hugo Huurdeman from TimelessFuture for the map).

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The Campaign:

We are two students who believe that sustainable use of the earth is possible. On the 24rd of November, we will start an active cycling campaign to raise awareness of the catastrophic effects of climate change and highlight the importance of real action at the UN climate conference in Copenhagen. Our campaign involves cycling from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, on two old “Omafietsen” (Dutch for “Granny” bikes). For an introduction of ourselves, our bikes and our aim, watch the video!

Why we choose this mode of transport:

  1. It is the preferred bike of the Netherlands, a country known for its cycling and cycle-friendliness.
  2. It is not necessary to own an expensive bike in order to start cycling to work, the supermarket or in our case to Copenhagen.
  3. Cycling is carbon neutral!


Goal and Aims:

While the main goal of this campaign is to reach Copenhagen without emitting any CO2, we consider our aim to be just as important. This involves highlighting that climate change is a real threat to our ecosystem and that it is not impossible for people to do something about it.

The Way:

Leaving from central Amsterdam, we will first travel through the Netherlands towards northern Germany and into the city centers of two metropoles, Bremen and Hamburg. In Germany, we hope to interview local and nation politicians and activists on their stance on the UN climate conference. Following this stop, we will continue to cycle further north into Denmark towards Copenhagen. Upon arrival at our final destination, we will deliver the messages of people we have met along our journey.


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